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China – Laos – Thailand - Cambodia


This tour should become an event, an adventure and an unforgettable trip for my 17 years old son Felix and for me. Normally we are using a solo bike on our trips through Europe. But this time we wanted to go for the first time to Asia and drive there a motorbike with a sidecar. After agreeing upon the details of the journey with “Corneradventures” we began our three weeks stay in Asia with a flight to Bangkok. During the next three days we started to see the interesting and amazing life in Thailand. Then we flew to Jinghong, located in the South of China. After our arrival we met Willem and also Jaime from Chile (who wanted to join the tour as well). Both picked us up at the airport, of course with the motorbikes. What an amazing welcome! From the very beginning Willem supported us during the whole trip, and as we saw later - all the time - absolutely uncomplicated, with professionalism and passion. Everything was well prepared: The planning of the tour, the motorbikes, the accommodations - everything.


Driving the motorbike with the sidecar was a bit new for me on the first kilometres after the start in China. But later on it was a lot of fun to go with it through the mountains and around the bends. Beautiful landscapes with rich vegetation alternated with localities with friendly people. Little children often were waving when seeing us or asking where we are going when we stopped. On our way from China we crossed Laos and Thailand and finished in Seam Reap in Cambodia. The nights we spent in booked hotels. One of the hotels in Laos was like paradise. But how to call the next one, that was even more beautiful?


On the tracks without a pavement it was a bit difficult to go through the mud, but Willem always knew how to handle it. While passing the boarders or having a problem with one of the motorbikes, we always noticed his professionalism and experience to deal with such situations.


Not only when driving the motorbike, but also in the “spare time”, Willem always knew the best places to visit, special things to follow and interesting things to tell about the people and the places around. At the end of the tour we arrived in Seam Reap in Cambodia. We met some friends of Willem, got some recommendations for our stay there and took part in a guided tour exclusively for us to one of the eighth wonders of the world - Angkor Wat. After staying in Seam Reap for three days and meeting Willem and his friends a few times again, we went back to Bangkok. There we spent another four days before we flew back home.


Although we actually wanted to take part in the Tibetian tour (which was cancelled due to the earlier earthquake), we now can gladly say that this probably was the better choice. Four countries in ten days, different people, different cultures, various landscapes and a lot of impressions on these 2000 kilometres left a lasting impression which we will not forget.


Many thanks to Willem for his great job. I really do hope that he will extend his activities to America, Australia or other places of the world. In that case I really feel like doing such a tour again.


Ronald Rieck (Germany) 5/06/2016

Thank you. It was a marvellous experience. Angkor Wat, Luang Prabang and the Plain of Jars were of

course wonderful to visit, but Willem took us to places we would never have seen otherwise. The

different scenery, the variety of hotels, the range of ‘interesting’ road surfaces and the opportunities

to try different foods …….. We never knew that there were so many different tribes in China. It was

fascinating to see how Cambodia and Laos are slowly developing, in contrast to the sophisticated

Chinese infrastructure.

It was hot and it was dusty, making Beer Lao at journey’s end a must. Despite the incredible pot

holes, rickety bridges and some large lorries on narrow mountain roads,

travelling was always fun. To start with the traffic in cities seemed chaotic, but there is a system and

everyone seems very good-natured, unlike in the UK. It took a while to get used to small motorbikes

with whole families and no helmets though.

Having the routes and hotels organised for us and our own travelling mechanic was a luxury.

However, there was still scope to do your own thing.

Jill (Mekong Tour) March 2016

Dear Corner Adventures,

Anita and I know Willem from the motorcycle club in Shanghai. Looking for interesting motorcycle adventures not only in China but all over Asia we decided to give it a trial with an organized tour to Laos with corner adventures in Nov 2014. What should I say, our expectations were more than fully met. Very well organized tour with motorcycles very reliable and professionally repaired by Willem in case of issues. I think you can not get closer to the country and people within a few days only as with Willem's relaxed and amazing trips. We will explore with him other countries for sure like Cambodia, Myanmar or even one day the biggest challenge Tibet. Would love to convince my friends from Germany to do the next trips together with us and Willem. Wolfgang and Anita, living and working in Shanghai (February 2015)

Well, if you're looking for an adventure of a lifetime, here it is! stunning views, lovely bikes and everything runs smoothly, great guides and had a ball of a time! would love to do it again and recommend to anyone out there looking for an adventure or stunning beauty in general! Thumbs up! 10 outta 10!

Ross, Ireland (July 2014)

The Jialing JH600 is one of the best bikes I've ever driven. So smooth even on difficult road conditions. I have a GS650 but the Jialing is just as great to tour around Southeast Asia.

Horacio, Madrid (Jan 2014)

We rode with Willem from Siem Reap through Laos all the way to Southern China. As both of us were rather inexperienced with motorcycles, let alone bikes with sidecars we were a slight bit worried if we could make it all the way. Willem spent some extra time with us to get us used to the conditions and after a very short while it felt we had never driven anything else. The sidecar makes the bike stable and it is far more comfy and easy to maneuver than we thought. From the sidecar you can be part of the trip and enjoy the scenery even more, not having to worry about the traffic. And so swapped once or twice.


The trip itself is incredible.We started in Angkor Wat which is a fantastic and mystical place to visit. After a short ride, we crossed Thailand and then made our way up through Laos. Laos is stunning and even after having travelled the region a couple of times, a wonderful break from busy and touristy areas such as Thailand or the Philippines. Especially the first kilometres after crossing the friendship bridge over the Mekong as well as Luang Prabang will stay in our mind for long time.


The whole trip was perfectly planned. All hotels on the tour were booked in advance and were nice to stay at. Some were unforgettable like a small retreat in northern Laos along a river in which we cooled down after a long ride and jumped from small cliffs with local kids. Willem, who knows his ways around this part of the world, didn´t over-organize the trip so it still felt like a small adventure driving through the wonderful green scenery and stunning landscapes. It was a fantastic trip and definitely one of our best holidays spent. The atmosphere in the group, the organization and the impressions from these countries were wonderful and we are already thinking about where to go next with Corner Adventures


Lisa and Max (November 2015)


Hi Willem,

I can only recommend corner adventures. I had a fantastic trip with them early July 2014 to Tibet, Everest and Nepal.

Being a non-bike rider, I really appreciated being a passenger either in the sidecar or at the back of the motorbike making it an experience impossible to have otherwise.

Everybody was really friendly and made me proud to be part of the team.

Lydie, France (July 2014)

Dear Corner Adventures,

Well, I've experienced a wonderful, enjoyable, and the most adventure excited first motorbike trip. From a "Sandy girl " to a "Muddy girl" gave me incredible unforgettable experience with two handsome guys :) Cannot wait to have the next one again. Would highly recommend to the people who's fond of or even crazy about traveling or whatsoever roaming around the world to give a try. You won't regret to have Corner Adventures to be your BEST MOTORBIKE partner EVER!! Cheryl, Shanghai (May 2014)

Nachdem unsere ursprüngliche Planung, 2 Motorräder nach Thailand zu verschiffen sich als zu umständlich und kostenintensiv, für einen 2 Wochen Urlaub heraus gestellt hatte, war unser Motorradurlaub ernsthaft gefährdet.


Durch Zufall fanden wir dann in der „Gespanne-Zeitschrift“ eine Anzeige von Corner-Adventures mit einer übersichtlichen Webseite und interessanten Trip-Angeboten. Ich rief die angegebene Nummer an und erwischte Willem in Laos. Das Gespräch war kurz, informativ und gab uns ein gutes Gefühl.


Schnell war der Entschluss gefasst die Tour: China, Laos Thailand Kambodcha zu fahren. Da mein Freund Klaus seinen 14 jährigen Sohn mitnehmen wollte, buchten wir ein Gespann und eine Solomaschine.  Es folgten ein paar kurze mails ein weiteres Telefonat und alles lief reibungslos auf den Tourbeginn am 12. August hin.


Willem hatte uns im Vorfeld mit allen Informationen (Visa, Bekleidung usw.) gut versorgt und die Abholung am Flughafen und das Hotel organisiert. Von Beginn an klappte alles hervorragend und die „Probefahrt“ in Jinghong war schon ein guter Start und Vorbereitung  für den weiteren Trip.


Die anschließenden Fahrtage übertrafen dann unsere Erwartungen und das trotz teilweise heftigen Regens. Wir sahen schöne Berglandschaften, einsame Straßen, wunderbare Reisfelder, interessante Orte und immer wieder die Vielfältigkeit der Menschengruppen in Asien. Die Unterkünfte waren sauber und gut, genau wie das Essen.  Wir hatten tolle Tage und jede Menge Spaß beim Fahren. Die Jialings sind genau die richtigen, zuverlässigen und robusten Maschinen für diese Tour und die vorhanden Straßenbeschaffenheiten. Willem ist zudem ein entspannter Tourguide der sich sehr flexibel auf seine Mitfahrer einstellt und auch die Tour bei Bedarf anpasst.  Wir haben uns bei ihm sehr wohlgefühlt und würden definitiv wieder mit ihm fahren. Alles in allem war es für uns ein Glücksfall dass wir Corner-Adventures und Willem „per Anzeige“ gefunden haben.


Vielleicht bringt uns der nächste gemeinsame Trip im Gespann  ja von  China  nach Deutschland oder Holland J


Ulrich Geier, 17/10/2014

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