Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions. Please always feel free to email us at if you have additional questions or if you would like some more information.


Are the bikes registered with proper plates?


Yes, all of our bikes are registered in China. We  have extra documents that allowes us to cross cross borders such as: Thailand, Laos, Myanmar, Nepal, Tibet and Cambodia.



Are the bikes insured?


Yes, all of our bikes are fully insured in every country we will cross. 


Do I need insurance?


Yes, all travellers (riders and passengers) need valid and current travel insurance. We recommend Allianz or TravelGuard.


Do I need a motorcycle license?


These tours are not for beginner riders. 3-Wheel bikes are easy to drive, but you must have experience with motorcycles and have a license in your home country as well as an international license. Of course, a passenger in the 3-Wheel bikes do not need any motorcycle experience or license. Anybody located in the US or EU can easily get one for $15 USD at a local AAA.



Do you provide guides and support vehicles?


All Tour Guides (us) have extensive motorcycle experience and can repair almost all problems on the spot. We carry all of the repair equipment in a support vehicle that will travel with the motorcycles. When guides are mandatory (such as Tibet), then the cost of the guide is included in the price. When a support vehicle is necessary (Tibet, Xinjiang), it is included in the cost. When not explicitly mentioned, but you prefer one, we can usually arrange for one to join the tour with a driver

What motorcycle equipment should I bring?


Anybody riding in this type of terrain with a 2-Wheel bike should have full motorcycle gear, including padding, proper boots, and helmet. For passengers in the sidecar, we can provide a helmet. In nearly all places we travel, it’s best to bring light clothing, but always be prepared for rain.


What bikes can I ride?


We have both 2-Wheel and 3-Wheel motorcycles that are available to all riders. If you have a strong preference for one over the other, please tell us in advance so we can ensure that we have enough bikes to go around.


Can I ride my own personal bike?


Yes, if you prefer, you can ride your own but the bikes we provide are built especially for this terrain and can be easily repaired on the spot. If you still want to bring your own bike, we can assist with shipping and importing the bike


Where do we stay and what do we eat?


All hotels will be pre-arranged and of the highest quality in the area. We have been travelling through Southeast Asia for years and will not put you at any safety risk while sleeping. For food, we will mainly eat local cuisine which has plentiful options, including vegetarian. 


Can I create my own custom tour?


Yes, absolutely. We do this quite often and help people arrange their own itineraries. We have extensive experience in southeast Asia and can put a tour together that will please anyone! Email for more information.

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