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Cambodia Loop

1,900km in 9 days

BMW R1200 GSA: $2,800

Jialing 2 wheel: $2,300

Jialing 3 wheel: $2,500

Passenger: $800

Note: All tours could be subject to change



Day 1)

Visit Angkor Wat and take a drive around town


Day 2)

Visit Phnom Keulen National Park, with one of the largest waterfalls in Southeast Asia up mountainous roads. In the afternoon we drive back to Siem Reap via the Temple Area: 120km


Day 3)

Quite a long day of driving: 300km on brand new roads with barely any traffic. We'll really enjoy the Cambodian countryside on the way as there are many small villages. After 200km, we will cross the Mekong River and from there another 130km south parallel to the Mekong to Kratie, home of the rare Irrawaddy Dolphins. Kratie is a old small French colonial city right on the Mekong River. 330km


Day 4)

In the morning we will take part in a local tour on the river to see the endangered Irrawaddy dolphins. From there back to the hotel and head out to Phnom Penh, the capital Cambodia.driving south trough the Mekong Delta. In the evening we have time to visit the King's Palace and explore the never sleeping streets: 230km


Day 5)

Just 15km south of Phnom Penh we will visit the infamous Killing fields - very impressive, yet disturbing but worth the visit to get a full sense of Cambodia. From there we will continue our journey south towards Bokor National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site: 185km


Day 6)

Heading out to the Beach 125km of driving parallel to the shore. In the afternoon we can enjoy the beautiful white sand beaches and relax: 125km


Day 7)

Rest day with many things to do during day time: visit the islands / diving / snorkeling / fishing / ect.


Day 8)

A long day of driving to Battambang, the historical trade center of Cambodia. We will pass through a natural reserve park on the way and roads are relatively good. Battambang is also an old colonial city and still the fourth biggest city in Cambodia: 430km


Day 9) 

In the morning we have an option to go see one of the following 3 attractions in Battambang : Killing Cave, Temples (same era as Angkor Wat) or the Bamboo train. After that a short drive to Siem Reap: 170km.


End of trip