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After an epic motorcycle trip through Xinjiang, China, the two of us decided to set up a tour company to provide others the same enjoyment that we had. Crossing borders and getting the various permits and insurance in places such as Myanmar and Tibet can be quite a hassle which deters a lot of would-be riders. However, the places that are the most difficult to get into also happen to be the most interesting and fun rides. After months of working with local governments, we now have the infrastructure and logistics to confidently bring other riders on our trips.


Willem Vermeulen

Willem is a lifelong rider from The Netherlands who grew up in Hong Kong and has spent the last five years traveling Asia. He now splits his time between China and Cambodia and is the leader for every tour that we run. His favorite trip was driving a Chang Jiang 750 from Shanghai to Amsterdam: a 17,000km, 90 day journey through 19 different countries.  He Speaks Dutch, English, German, and Chinese.


Patrick Pfahlert

Patrick has lived the past 20 years in China. Fluent in Chinese, he joins many of our China tours and coordinates trips with riders who are not comfortable with English. He loves the bikes, but he also drives our favorite support vehicle, a Ford F150 Raptor! His favorite trip was off-road riding in Inner Mongolia and ending in the Russian-Chinese city of Manzhouli.

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